Mummy Made.It - A Healthy Christmas (2019 Edition)

Mummy Made.It - A Healthy Christmas

A beautifully presented eBook showcasing over 70 festive healthier desserts and treats for people with allergies, dietary needs or those with their health in mind.

Mummy Made.It - A Healthy Christmas

The recipes in 'Mummy Made.It A Healthy Christmas' use ingredients that are Gluten Free and Dairy Free, that are Paleo friendly and that contain No Refined Sugars. Many recipes contain fruit or vegetables in place of using butter or oil so you can sneak some of your daily requirements into your families dessert. Instead of using processed white sugar the recipes use natural sweeteners including maple syrup, honey, dates, fruits and berries. All the recipes are Gluten free as they use coconut flour, nut meal or arrowroot in place of a wheat based flour. No dairy is used as coconut cream, coconut milk and almond milk are substituted. These are healthier versions of the Christmas Treats you have all gown up loving, and thought you’d never be able to eat again!

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